Meat Options

Buffet and Vending Style Service:

Pulled Pork – Fresh Boston Butts rubbed with our very own Award Winning Championship Pork Rub! Smoked low and slow! Served with sweet and tangy Kanas City BBQ sauce.

Texas Beef Brisket – Layered with our signature blend of spices. Slow smoked with perfectly seasoned Manitoba Oak for 14 hours.

Smoked Chicken Thighs and Legs – Hit with 2 layers of different rubs and lightly glazed.

Ribs – St. Louis style or Baby Backs! Layered with some sweet and some heat and glazed to a beautiful mahogany finish.

Carving Station Service:

Prime Rib – Rubbed with a special blend of spices and slow smoked to a perfect doneness to please everyone.

Boneless Pork Loin – Seasoned with a blend of traditional spices and herbs, slow smoked and glazed with your choice of our Apricot or Cherry glaze.

Beef Tri-Tip – A succulent cut of beef, done to perfection. This cut is cooked Santa Maria style with a salt, pepper and garlic rub. Slow smoked then seared over a premium Maple Leaf Charcoal to lock in all the flavours. This cut is sure to wow any steak lover!

Hot Sides

Caramel Dill Glazed Baby Carrots- exactly what it says! Perfectly cooked carrots and glazed with caramel sauce and fresh dill.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes- Traditional mashed with cream and slow roasted fresh garlic.

BIGG Beans- Our very own unique blend of fruit, peppers, cinnamon and other spices, slow smoked to perfection! Customer Favorite!

Corn- Corn Nibblets tossed with herbs, spices, and butter. When in season, we offer corn on the cob.

Mixed Vegetable- Regular or Fancy.

Baked Potatoes – Traditional potato with all the fixings!

Baby Potatoes- Blend of reds and golds with your choice of Garlic Parmesan, Buttermilk Ranch or Herb and Spice.

Mac and Cheese – Blend of sharp cheeses and bacon, covered with a panko crust and slow smoked.


Coleslaw- Mix with our own signature sauce.

Loaded Baked Potato- Not your regular potato salad! We load this with bacon, cheddar cheese, green onions and our own rub! Customer Favorite!!

Mediterranean pasta- Crisp veggies, black olives, zesty Mediterranean dressing and loads of feta cheese!

Spring Mix Strawberry – spring mix greens topped with strawberries and Hicks Sticks Strawberry and cracked pepper dressing.

Caesar – Classic favorite with croutons, bacon and parmesan cheese.

Tossed – Blend of greens, cucumbers, tomatoes and red onion. Choice of Italian, Ranch or 1000 island.


Our very own Apple crisp! Served with caramel sauce, and whip topping.

Cookie Peach Cobbler is a heavenly mix of shortbread, velvety peaches and cobbler!

Cookie Tray assorted bakery goodies.

Dainty Tray – cookies, cakes, tarts, squares, slices….

Deluxe Brownie served with chocolate sauce, whip topping, and cherries.

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Little Q

1 Meat
2 Hot Side Dishes
1 Salad
Dessert is Optional

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Bigg Q

2 Meats
2 Hot Side Dishes
2 Salads
Dessert is Optional

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3 Meats
2 Hot Side Dishes
2 Salads
Dessert is Optional

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Luncheon Special

Pulled Pork
Bigg Beans
Tossed or Caesar Salad

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