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Order Pulled Pork for at least 50 people and get yourself some free Coleslaw!

Choose Your Meat

Please choose 1 Meat from the following 2 Options:

Option 1: Perfect for buffet or vending service

Pulled Pork - Fresh Boston Butts rubbed with our very own Award Winning Championship Pork Rub! Smoked low and slow! Served with sweet and tangy Kanas City BBQ sauce.Texas Beef Brisket - Layered with our signature blend of spices. Slow smoked with perfectly seasoned Manitoba Oak for 14 hours.Smoked Chicken Thighs and Legs - Hit with 2 layers of different rubs and lightly glazed.Ribs - St. Louis style or Baby Backs! Layered with some sweet and some heat and glazed to a beautiful mahogany finish.

Option 2: Perfect for a Carving Station

Prime Rib - Rubbed with a special blend of spices and slow smoked to a perfect doneness to please everyone.Boneless Pork Loin - Seasoned with a blend of traditional spices and herbs, slow smoked and glazed with your choice of our Apricot or Cherry glaze.Beef Tri-Tip - A succulent cut of beef, done to perfection. This cut is cooked Santa Maria style with a salt, pepper and garlic rub. Slow smoked then seared over a premium Maple Leaf Charcoal to lock in all the flavours. This cut is sure to wow any steak lover!